The Corporation shall operate as a professional reinsurer accepting business from the insurance markets in member states as well as other markets of the region and elsewhere, and shall retrocede its surpluses after net retention with priority given to the national insurance and reinsurance markets of the member states.
The Corporation shall invest a sizeable proportion of its funds within the region, provided that such investments meet with the requirements of sound insurance techniques.
The Corporation shall also serve as regional centre for the collection of insurance information and the development of expertise in insurance and reinsurance, to be put at the disposal of the national insurance markets of the member states.
The Corporation shall provide technical assistance to the national insurance markets of the member states.

The Corporation's Authorized Capital is US$ 200,000,000 divided into 200,000 shares at US$ 1,000 par value. The paid-up capital is US$ 100.85 mn.

Ten-ESCAP Member countries are Regular Members. Nineteen Insurance/Reinsurance Companies from Asia are Associate Members.


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